Implementing sustainability principles in caring for society entails taking care of our staff , the underprivileged in local communities and society at large.

Training and Development

At BHIC, we are committed to developing our staff to become knowledgeable, skillful and well-rounded employees to enable them to carry out their jobs efficiently.

In 2018, we spent RM0.5 million on training and developing them through external training programmes and courses. These include training programmes conducted abroad for our engineers and technical staff.

We also held training programmes conducted by senior personnel for our staff. These include in areas such as finance, information technology, legal and integrity/ ethics. Workshops on technical and management areas were also conducted to enhance the knowledge of our employees. These courses have proven valuable in keeping them up to date with the latest knowledge in their areas of work.

We also conducted courses for our vendors facilitated by external trainers.

Youth & Talent Development

In addition to training our staff, we also provide the opportunity for young people to develop skills and gain working experience through our involvement in the Protege Programme (formerly known as Skim Latihan 1Malaysia or SL1M). Those participating in this programme gained valuable working experience, knowledge and skills which are useful in helping them to develop and advance professionally, be it at BHIC or elsewhere.

We enrolled 134 graduates for the Protege Programme in 2018. Our involvement in the programme underscores our committment in developing youth and talent. Through this programme, we have provided vital career development opportunities to young people in various fields of engineering.

Meanwhile, our internship programme has benefited over 200 students to date, with some of them having been absorbed by the Group.

The selected staff were given exposure to sophisticated projects utilising high-tech machineries and systems and solutions, under the guidance of senior engineers and personnel. This kind of apprenticeship has proven useful and valuable in enhancing their knowledge and proficiency, with some being sent abroad for training to prepare them to work on complex projects such as ISS and refit for RMN submarines and the construction of LCS.

We believe in the Malay saying "Pemuda harapan bangsa, pemudi tiang negara" (Young males are the hope of the nation and young females are its pillars). We are committed to setting them up for a bright future by making them more employable and marketable through equipping them with knowledge and skills.


We made several donations throughout 2018 which underscored our concern towards the underprivileged in society. These include:


We provided sponsorship to various causes and events as a mark of our support towards social activities and the well-being of local communities.

We also sponsored forums and events organised by associations in the marine industry in support of knowledge-based activities.