Highlights of environment related initiatives undertaken by BHIC Group in 2018 :

Leading the way in 'going green' is BNS which has put in place additional measures to safeguard the environment, as follows:

Enhancing further the treatment of scheduled waste by not allowing disposal of garnet to be done inside the shipyard to reduce exposure to the land and water in the basin area.

Extracting wood components from the packaging materials left over from delivery of goods to the shipyard to be separated, recycled and reused.

Monitoring leaks in the water distribution system.

Reducing electricity usage.

Systematically collecting dirty oil and waste extracted from ships serviced at the shipyard, which is then disposed of to the authorised agent. This reduces the risk of spillover of oil and waste to the sea.

Keeping noise pollution within control by measuring and monitoring noise levels at the shipyard periodically.

Engaging with various regulatory agencies to seek their advice on improving environmental management at the shipyard.

Engaging with various parties (e.g. RMN, classification societies, surveyors and certification bodies) to obtain environment related data to be used to help manage the environment at the shipyard.